Fertility Nutrition

Poor nutrition can compound fertility issues. Being underweight can cause hormone fluctuations, affect menstruation, and can increase miscarriage risks. Obesity can affect menstruation, and can also lead to gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, and toxemia, as well as ovulation issues. Maintaining a consistent, healthy diet that addresses your individual needs and keeps your body running in top condition will give you the best chance for a healthy pregnancy. Whether your goal is to manage your weight, control a condition like PCOS, or learn proper nutrition so your body can thrive, we’re here for you. Our in-house nutritionist is available to be part of your fertility team and can work closely with you to develop a custom nutrition plan that addresses your dietary needs and supports your best health. It will take into consideration your fertility treatment schedule to optimize your chances of a positive outcome. Our nutritionist will continue to monitor your health and diet throughout your course of treatment with us and will make adjustments as your needs change.