Fertility Yoga

Anaahita Fertility Clinic incorporates yoga into fertility plans. Yoga provides a waterfall of tremendous benefits to your health and vitality and is especially helpful to those coping with the difficulties and challenges of infertility. Even a short series of slow, gentle poses can increase your mobility, flexibility, strength, and circulation while decreasing stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Yoga has also been shown to balance hormones and provide overall wellness in the body and mind. Yoga for fertility health is nourishing, low-intensity, and gentle, specifically geared towards preparing your body for pregnancy and birth. More like a self-induced full-body massage than an exercise class, your yoga practice will support, nurture and strengthen you. You’ll also learn breathing techniques, called pranayama, that help reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and pain while helping to increase focus and calm. No matter what your current state of fitness, you can begin your relationship with yoga and find your place on the path toward a higher quality of life.