World IVF Day: Dos and don’ts of the process; know some truth about IVF treatment

Is In vitro fertilization (IVF) a time-consuming activity? Is it safe? What is the success ratio? This is not true. This World IVF Day, let’s talk about some truth you should know about this technique. 


Today, we spoke to Dr Arveen Vohra, Medical Director and Senior Reproductive Medicine Consultant at Milann Fertility Centre, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, who told us about assisted reproductive technology. 

Forty-three years ago, today on July 25, the world was introduced to its first test-tube baby when Louise Brown was born through IVF technique at Bourn Hall. This day was declared ‘World IVF Day’ following the first IVF baby’s birth. As per WHO, 1 in 4 couples in reproductive age in India face difficulty in getting pregnant. Hence, we spoke to Dr Arveen Vohra, who busted some myths and misconception about this technique.

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