15 Top IVF Clinics in Bangalore | A List Curated From Personal Experiences of Fertility Dost Team

Rohit and Rashmi were desperately trying to conceive but had no luck in doing so. When they decided to visit an IVF consultant and discuss the possibility of undergoing a procedure they were faced with the monumentos task of finding the best IVF center with the best doctors and technology. They looked upon the internet, newspapers and endless advertisements which only left them in a confused mess. This made them realize how difficult the task of picking the best IVF center could be.

Undergoing an IVF procedure is a big thing and it is only natural for us to want the best. It is always a challenging task to find out which clinics are the best and sadly most couples have to adopt a trial and error method to find their perfect fit. We understand that each couple has their own requirements and to help you through your journey of finding the best suited clinic for you, we have prepared a list of some of the best IVF clinics in Bangalore.


Our Criteria

We understand that each couple has their own requirements and expectations while deciding the best clinic and for that reason we have curated this list of the best IVF clinics in bangalore based on

  • Feedback from community members
  • Personal experience
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Available facilities and technology

We at Fertility Dost understand the importance of quality and care and are committed to helping you find the perfect clinic for your fit.


“Our team of experts make sure to personally verify each and every clinic to make sure that they have only the best Embryology labs and specialists.”


We understand that couples want to feel safe and for that reason our team helps you find the best clinic with approachable and friendly doctors to provide you with a holistic environment.


Have any queries? Free free to reach out to us to help you pick the perfect IVF clinic.



1. Dr. Sangeetha Anand, Apollo Fertility, Brookefield

Dr Sangeetha Anand is a top specialist at Apollo Fertility with over 17 years of experience in the field of infertility. Dr Sangeetha is one of the most praised specialists among our community members.Apollo Fertility is one of the most trusted chains for infertility and IVF with locations all across India. Fitted with some of the best technology and with world class specialists in all relevant fields, Apollo has managed to earn the trust of several couples. Apollo Fertility has some of the highest success rates with a 35 year experience in the field. Easily accessible, Apollo fertility allows couples to work towards their dream of parenthood.

Watch Dr.Sangeetha’s session on failed IVF and what to do next on our Facebook page


2. Dr Rutuja Athawale, Parency Hospital, Jayanagar.

Dr. Rutuja is one of the most renowned gynecologist and fertility specialists in all of Bangalore with over 11 years of experience in the field. With years of experience in fertility improvement and IVF, Dr Rutuja is one of the most trusted doctors. Boasting some of the highest success rates of IVF, Parency Hospital is one of the most trusted. They offer procedures such as IVF, IUI and expert consultation and our community members have had great success stories with Dr Rutuja.

Do you want to know how to improve Egg quality for IVF success? Watch our Facebook live with Dr. Rutuja Athawale


3. Nova IVF Fertility Center, Koramangala

Dr Mahesh is one of the most notable figures in the medical field of Infertility and IVF. Having served specifically as an IVF specialist for over 10 years, Dr Mahesh has been a part of several success stories. As one of the most widespread and trusted fertility clinics in Bangalore, Nova IVF Fertility Center has earned a name of its own. Known for their transparent and ethical services, the center comprises of highly qualified and experienced specialists. From IVF and IUI procedures along with state of the art labs, the clinic offers world class facilities and consultation. With world class facilities and numerous success Stories, Nova IVF Fertility Center is one of the most prominent amongst our community members.


4. Dr Arveen Vohra, Milann Hospital, Indiranagar

Dr Arveen is one of the most prominent figures in the world of IVF and fertility with over 12 years of experience as a specialist. Her areas of expertise include Mild stimulation in ART, IUI, IVF, PCOS, Infertility Counseling and so on. Milann Hospital has been rated #1 IVF center in India by Times Health Survey for the last 3 years consistently. With an experience with over 75000 patients so far and numerous success stories, Milann has become a trusted figure for all problems related to Infertility.

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5. Dr Lavanya Kiran, Narayana Multispeciality Clinic Electronic City

Dr Lavanya is a Senior Consultant in the field of gynaecology and fertility with over 13 successful years of experience in the field. “DrLavanya is also an IVF specialist and has been a part of several success stories associated with the Fertility Dost community.”With state of the art labs and testing equipment, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital has become synonymous with providing quality IVF procedures and consultation.

Watch an interesting session on the role of Vitamins in conception with Dr. Lavanya Kiran


6. Dr Haritha Rao, Ayaansh Hospital, Hoysala Nagar.

Dr Harita Rao is one of the most renowned  Gynecologist and Reproductive Endocrinologist with an impressive 17 years of experience in the field.  Working closely with IVF and infertility, Dr Harita has been highly praised in our Fertility Dost community. Offering a multi-dimensional experience,Aayansh Hospital is known for its patient centric approach. Fitted with world class technology and the best testing labs,they have several IVF and IUI success stories. Aayansh Hospital also provides some of the most affordable rates for all procedures, consultation and testing enabling couples from all walks of life to come closer towards fulfilling their dream of parenthood.

Do you want to know more about low ovarian reserves and how to improve fertility? Check out Dr Haritha’s Facebook live with Fertility Dost


7. Dr. Vidyamani Lingegowda, Lalbagh Nursing Home and Infertility Centre, Jaya Nagar

Lalbagh Infertility Centre is one of the popular IVF clinics in Bangalore mainly because of Dr. Vidyamani who started it 27 years ago especially to provide IVF treatment for women. Now it has all the facilities needed for IVF and their specialty is Blastocyst transfer which means that the embryo is developed in the laboratory for five or six days after insemination, while in the usual IVF, the embryos are transferred to the womb two to three days after insemination. They have testing facilities for PGD and PGS.


8. Dr. Archana Agarwal, Mannat Fertility Clinic, Marahathalli

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Archana Agarwal is one of the leading infertility consultants in Bangalore. The staff at the hospital is pleasant and well-informed and the history of high success rates is very high. Mannat Fertility Clinic itself has all the necessary facilities to perform IVF procedures including embryo freezing facility and have experienced and highly qualified specialists and great testing equipment.


9. Smile Baby IVF Hospital, Lingarajapuram

Dr. Managala Devi is the practicing doctor at Smile Baby IVF Hospital who is an Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist. They have an extensive facility available with all the necessary facilities needed for infertility treatments including embryo freezing and donation facilities, blastocyst facilities and many more.


We at Fertility Dost are committed towards providing couples a holistic approach towards fertility by providing a supportive environment and guiding you to the specialist you need. We hope that this list of top IVF clinics in Bangalore was helpful to you. Before choosing a doctor or a clinic, take time, do your research and select one that is comfortable for you.

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