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Kivicare Ear, Nose and Throat is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluation of ear, nose and throat disorders in a comfortable, patient-friendly environment. We commonly treat snoring, ear infections, tonsils, adenoids, hoarseness, swallowing, problems, head & neck tumors, nasal, obstruction, sinusitis, allergies, skin cancer, hearing loss.

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Providing Best
ENT Treatments


Ear Treatment

Kivicare ENT provides medical evaluation and treatment for a variety of ear conditions.


Nose Treatment

Kivicare ENT physicians take care for your nose, sinuses and allergies.


Throat Treatment

Kivicare ENT center includes all of the diseases of the mouth, voice box, windpipe and teeth.


Pioneer Treatment

Kivicare ENT have specialized in medical and surgical diseases of the ears, nose and throat.

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Kivicare is proud to be a leader and trusted provider of ENT services. For over 20 years, we have and continue to provide world class ENT/Otolaryngology services.

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Mediclaim Facilities

Comprehensive Hospitalization Coverage Without Any Sub-Limits.


Stitch-less Surgery

The world over, surgeons do eardrum hole surgeries using fascia from near the ear and stitching the hole with its patch.



Kivicare ENT Center has proudly served across world for many years, winning awards for our excellent standard of care.


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Patients Says

I have consulting Dr Avreen since 2 years for the infertility issues and now I am pregnant and this has come true only because of the positivity, dedication, concern and love which I received from her. She treats every patient as her family member. I would recommend this angel to people who are facing issues getting pregnant. Mam we have so much of respect and love towards you. Thank a ton !!!!

Swati katoch

We have visited so many clinic and hospitals for our infertility issues. No Dr’s told our issues in details. Dr Arveen vohra is different from All. She will explain the issues in details. She will not play with patient as most of doctor do and moreover she is very confident doctor. She has very vast knowledge of infertility. She is like Goddess for us. We are really obelized to her as she makes our dream become true.

Harihara Dash

We have consulted Dr Arveen for fertility treatment. She is very thorough in her understanding of the subject of her practice. She has resolved lot of underlying ailments during her treatment. Apart from her medical knowledge being exceptional, she is a very humble and considerate doctor. She understands the agony of her patients and her treatment reflects that care.

Ashish mehta

Excellent Doctor ,she is very vocal ,clear communication, prompt and extremely approachable. Dr.Vohra is definitely a great choice if you ladies are going for an IVF treatment .she is not only agressive towards her work she is also focused on patients future health. God bless !

Reena Pathak

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